Employment Discrimination And Harassment Attorney

The balance of power in the workplace rarely benefits employees. That is why there are laws designed to protect workers from certain types of unfair situations. Common types of difficult and illegal situations people may face at work include:

  • Racial discrimination/harassment
  • Gender discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • Discrimination based on disabilities
  • Religious discrimination

The challenges workers face can take many forms, ranging from wrongful termination to hostile work environments and retaliation.

Has Your Reputation Been Damaged?

One unfortunate reality of the state of employment law in Kentucky is that workers who have been terminated may be slandered as well. An employer may want to terminate an employee for reasons that are illegal or that simply cast the employer in a bad light. Too often, employers fabricate allegations to justify a termination. Employees have been called thieves among a range of other accusations that could leave a person unable to find work for years to come. No one should have to live with an unfairly tarnished reputation.

Million-Dollar Verdicts And Settlements

At Carroll & Turner, PSC, our attorneys know what it takes to build cases that protect our clients’ rights against unscrupulous employers. Let us help you balance the playing field and pursue the compensation you deserve for the unfair treatment you have had to endure. Attorney Thomas Carroll has won one of the largest verdicts in our area — $20 million — for a client who was defamed by an ex-employer. We are able to generate positive results for our clients due to our more than 50 years of combined experience and the skills we have honed during those decades of serving the needs of those who have suffered discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

Employment Harassment Attorneys Serving Monticello And Throughout Kentucky

When you have not been treated fairly by an employer, we can help you. Come discuss your case with one of our skilled and experienced employment law attorneys. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 606-930-4434, toll free at 866-323-5865 or contact us online.