Helping Victims Of Motorcycle Accidents Throughout Kentucky

For most bikers, riding a motorcycle is a passion. But often, they are not given the respect or right of way that a regular car is given in the same circumstance.

Motorcycle accidents typically result in serious and even catastrophic injuries, ranging from broken bones to concussions and worse. Too many times, the carelessness of other drivers causes motorcycle riders to lay their bikes down as they are taught. However, this correct action often results in the rider being blamed for losing control. We know how to handle these defenses.

At Carroll & Turner, PSC, our lawyers work to help riders and their loved ones in Monticello and around Kentucky obtain fair compensation after a motorcycle accident. We know that a motorcyclist injury can result in serious medical and rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and further financial strain. That’s why we start working early, to help you get the best results and speed up your recovery.

Exploring The Causes And Focusing On Recovery

Motorcycle accidents can happen for any one of a thousand reasons. Every case is unique, and finding out exactly what happened and who could be held liable can make all the difference as you seek compensation for your injuries. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate every case they take on, and we will work to help you address all the issues surrounding your accident, including:

  • Obtaining compensation for the severity of your injuries
  • Determining the cause of the accident, whether it occurred due to an inattentive driver, failure to yield or another cause
  • Examining any road hazards that may have contributed
  • Addressing motorcycle or equipment defects

Riders often suffer serious injuries, including broken bones, head, neck and spine injuries, cuts, bruises, and even paralysis or worse. Too often, a motorcyclist’s life can be in the hands of another driver who may be distracted, negligent or drunk.

These accidents are extremely serious and deserve a serious legal response. We will handle your case from start to finish. If you’ve had an issue with your insurance company treating you unfairly in the process, we can step in.

A History Of Million-Dollar Verdicts And Settlements

At Carroll & Turner, PSC, our attorneys are committed to helping those who have been injured in motorcycle and automobile accidents. With more than five decades of combined experience, our attorneys have the knowledge and backgrounds to deliver the results you need. Our successes include many million-dollar verdicts and settlements. We’re here to help.

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