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A catastrophic accident, a criminal charge, a hostile workplace – these issues can have lasting impacts on your personal and financial well-being. When these concerns demand a legal approach, rely on our attorneys at Carroll & Turner, P.S.C.. They know how to protect your interests in and out of the courtroom.

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Thomas E. Carroll and Lance Wilson Turner
Thomas E. Carroll and Lance Wilson Turner

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Difficult legal situations can happen to anyone. When they do, it is important to ensure that your rights are defended and that you have the best chance of securing a fair resolution.

At Carroll & Turner, P.S.C., our attorneys have a deep understanding of Kentucky’s laws and legal procedures. They draw on decades of shared experience, which they use to identify and address problems effectively. This insight can have a substantial impact on how your case evolves and is solved.

Personal injury claims, criminal charges, employment discrimination cases – these are all high-stakes concerns. Thomas E. Carroll, Lance Wilson Turner and Yassmin B. King are the legal allies you want in your corner when you are confronting these challenges.

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Mr. Carroll and Mr. Turner are among the top plaintiff’s lawyers in the state. They have won some of the most substantial verdicts and settlements in our area. However, each case, big or small, is important to them. Although they have each secured numerous multi-million-dollar awards for clients, Mr. Carroll and Mr. Turner treat each case as if it were their only one.

Their commitment to providing a high level of service and demonstrated legal ability have not gone unnoticed. Both attorneys Carroll and Turner have earned awards and praise for their exceptional representation. Attorney Tom Carroll is one of only 38 attorneys to receive the “Peter Pearlman Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award.” Lance Turner and Tom Carroll are also ranked as Top 100 Attorneys by The National Trial Lawyers Association.

Clients and even other lawyers understand the impact our attorneys’ experience has on their success. In fact, a significant portion of our cases come from referrals, as other lawyers consistently rely on our attorneys’ trial acumen.

You owe it to yourself to discover the difference our counsel can make. Contact us to learn more about our extensive range of services and our attorneys’ qualifications.


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Thomas E. Carroll

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Lance Wilson Turner

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