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What constitutes 'bad faith' by an insurer?

Most of us pay a substantial amount of money every month for multiple types of insurance to help protect us financially in the event of everything from a health crisis to a car crash to a burst pipe in our home. We expect that in return for paying the designated premiums every month, insurance companies will live up to the terms of our contract with them when we need to file a claim.

That expectation is backed by law. Here in Kentucky, insurers have an obligation to resolve claims promptly and fairly as soon as liability is established. Insurance companies who don't do this are considered to be acting in "bad faith."

Congress considers bill that would allow more young truck drivers

There currently aren't enough truck drivers in this country to transport the goods we rely on every day. Late deliveries aren't just inconvenient for consumers. They can be costly for trucking companies and retailers. For example, Walmart fines companies for shipments that are late or incomplete. According to the Food Marketing Institute, grocery stores lose some $75 billion every year because of unsaleable and out-of-stock products that aren't delivered on time.

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates that the industry currently has 51,000 fewer drivers than are needed. That shortage is expected to climb to nearly 100,000 within the next three years.

What you should know about boating accidents

We hope our readers enjoyed a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Given the volume of traffic going to and returning from holiday destinations, it is understandable if media coverage focuses on highway accidents that resulted in serious injuries. However, as we now turn to summer (thanks to the unofficial start of summer) it is anticipated that more people will be injured in boating accidents.  

Under federal law, a boating accident is defined as a situation where a boat passenger is seriously injured or killed while on a vessel. The definition also covers a boater’s disappearance or an accident where a boat causes or suffers damage.

Carroll & Turner wins multimillion-dollar verdict in defamation case

In 2013, seven employees of a Louisville cable company, Charter Communications, were fired for violating company policy. It was unfair and based on a misunderstanding. Shortly afterward at a Charter employee conference, however, a company speaker implied that the fired workers were thieves. Also, the company failed to respond to an anonymous internal ethics complaint about the presentation at the conference. 

The situation arose when an administrative assistant was told to get rid of some Hewlett-Packard printers she had obtained using reward points because Charter had signed an exclusive contract with Xerox. The administrative assistant, who was in charge of managing office supplies, gave the 26 printers to several employees. This turned out to be a violation of company policy.

Defective Takata airbags still on the road as recalls continue

It seems like it's been years since we first learned of the Takata airbag recall. That's because it has been -- a decade in fact. The first recalls occurred in 2008.

So far, almost 50 million airbags in cars, SUVs and trucks made by 19 manufacturers have been recalled for defective inflators. When the faulty airbags are activated, they can spew metal bits into drivers and passengers. At least 15 people have been killed as a result, and hundreds have been injured -- and that's just in the U.S. Those most at risk are in areas with high temperatures and humidity like we get here in Kentucky.

How are pain and suffering damages determined?

If you're injured in a car crash and take legal action against the at-fault driver, you may choose to seek compensation for two types of damages. These are special (also known as economic) damages and general (noneconomic) damages.

Economic damages are relatively easy to quantify and prove. They include things like medical costs, lost wages and auto repair or replacement. It's easy enough to get receipts to present in court to prove the economic harm that you've suffered.

Helping Kentuckians seek compensation after boating accidents

Kentucky has some of the most beautiful lakes in the country, so many Kentuckians take to the water on warm, sunny days to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. People often believe that boating on a lake is considerably safer than in the ocean. However, crashes and other incidents can occur in any body of water where you've got water vessels.

Unfortunately, too many boat operators are negligent, reckless and/or too inexperienced to be at the helm of their vessel. Boating under the influence (BUI) is also a common problem.

The 6 main causes of car accidents

Over six million car accidents happen in the U.S. annually and statistics say the average person will be involved in three to four accidents in their lifetime. According to the 2016 Kentucky Traffic Collision Facts Report, 834 people died in fatal car accidents; the number of crash victims increasing from 761 victims in 2015 and 672 victims in 2014.

Common accident causes

Aftermath of truck accident can be devastating

Truck accidents are an unfortunate pillar of the motor vehicle world. These enormous vehicles haul heavy equipment, dangerous materials, and other pieces of cargo that can make the vehicle difficult to operate safely. They can also be under the control of a negligent or otherwise reckless driver. When involved in an accident, a truck is likely to cause an incredible amount of damage that leaves the victims with serious injuries.

The causes for these accidents are many, and some of them aren't even due to the negligence of a driver or the truck itself. In some cases, the other vehicles involved in the crash are responsible for the crash due to their decisions out on the road. For example, some cars will quickly turn in front of a truck and then hit the brakes due to a change in traffic. It is very difficult for trucks to stop quickly. Another possibility is a car that drives in a truck's blind spot, which could easily lead to an accident.

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