Are Insurance Companies Treating You Unfairly?

When we pay our insurance premiums, we have a sense of security that our needs will be met when unfortunate situations occur — that our insurance company will be there to help us when we need it That is not always the case, though. Too often, insurance companies seem to be trying to find any way they can to avoid paying compensation for a valid claim.

Trouble people may be having can include:

  • Denial of a legitimate claim
  • Minimizing the value of a claim (lowballing)
  • Protracted delay in processing a claim

Under Kentucky law, insurance companies have a duty to attempt to resolve claims fairly and promptly once the liability is clear. If your insurance company is not treating you fairly, there are legal remedies. You can pursue a bad faith insurance claim in the courts. In instances where an insurance company is failing in its responsibility to honor the policy you have with it, filing a bad faith claim may be the only means available to secure the coverage you have been paying for.

Million-Dollar Verdicts And Settlements

At Carroll & Turner PSC, we are skilled at holding insurance companies accountable when they fail to honor the insurance policies they issue. An insurance policy is a contract, and we know how to take all necessary legal action to force the insurance company to abide by the terms of your policy. We have the skills, experience and resources to level the playing field against the deep pockets of the insurance companies. With more than 50 years of combined experience, we can generate the results our clients need. We have secured million-dollar verdicts and settlements that helped our clients get past the difficult times they were facing.

Bad Faith Insurance Claim Attorneys Serving Monticello And Throughout Kentucky

Do not let your insurance company take advantage of you. We can help you build a strong case to force the company to honor the terms of your policy. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 606-930-4434, toll free at 866-323-5865 or contact us online.