I’ve Been In A Car Accident. Now What?

An accident is a scary experience. More often than not, people are shocked and confused, and adrenaline tends to run high. In these moments, it’s important to stay collected and proactive to both ensure the safety of everybody involved and to assist with recovery efforts.

What To Do After An Auto Accident

It’s important to start by taking some key steps at the scene.

Immediately after an accident, you should:

  • Stay at the site of the accident: Even if others involved leave, you should stay on the scene until police and other personnel arrive and conduct a report.
  • Seek medical attention: With adrenaline running high, most people simply want to go home after an accident. If you’ve been hurt, you should go to the doctor. Don’t delay. Waiting a few days to visit a doctor can significantly impact your personal injury case.
  • Check on the health and safety of others: Make sure other individuals are getting the medical attention they require. If possible and necessary, move any vehicles out of the road and away from traffic.
  • Make key calls: Contact the police, medical personnel and an attorney. You may want to contact your insurance company, but be wary of sharing too much information, as it can impact your case.
  • Exchange information: You should obtain the contact information of other individuals involved. If there are any witnesses or bystanders, you should try to obtain their contact information as well.

In the days following an accident, you should:.

  • Remember: Do NOT give a recorded statement to an insurance representative until you have first consulted an attorney.
  • Keep all documents handy: This includes medical documents, any correspondence with your insurance company, and any bills and expenses.
  • Coordinate your no-fault or personal injury protection benefits with your insurance company: Emergency services will often contact your insurance company and obtain funds to cover medical transportation and other expenses. But doing so will often deplete the fund and leave you with fewer resources to recover and pay off liens. Speaking with an attorney can help you better coordinate your insurance directives.
  • Figure out how to deal with your vehicle: If your car is totaled in the accident, you should seek your own estimate and arrange for towing and other considerations, rather than relying on your insurance company. You should make arrangements to have your car stored at a reasonable rate. Leaving everything to your insurance company can often put you at a disadvantage later on, as you won’t have any input on the costs associated or even the physical location of your vehicle.
  • Keep your attorney informed: These are stressful times, and there are a million considerations. Keeping your lawyer in the loop can ease some of the burden and help you make smart decisions.
  • Continue to follow your doctor’s recommendations for treatment and referral appointments.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of things to do after a car accident. Every situation is unique, and you should use your best judgment. However, contacting an experienced attorney is almost always a way to get smart guidance from people who have been there before.

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