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Study: Rest areas help prevent fatigue-related truck crashes

Those of us who regularly drive the interstates and parkways of Kentucky frequently see signs for truck stops, weigh stations and rest areas. We mostly ignore those unless we're looking for a place to let the dog out, use the restroom or perhaps have a picnic lunch. However, for drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), they can be crucial to staying safe behind the wheel.

Congress considers bill that would allow more young truck drivers

There currently aren't enough truck drivers in this country to transport the goods we rely on every day. Late deliveries aren't just inconvenient for consumers. They can be costly for trucking companies and retailers. For example, Walmart fines companies for shipments that are late or incomplete. According to the Food Marketing Institute, grocery stores lose some $75 billion every year because of unsaleable and out-of-stock products that aren't delivered on time.

Aftermath of truck accident can be devastating

Truck accidents are an unfortunate pillar of the motor vehicle world. These enormous vehicles haul heavy equipment, dangerous materials, and other pieces of cargo that can make the vehicle difficult to operate safely. They can also be under the control of a negligent or otherwise reckless driver. When involved in an accident, a truck is likely to cause an incredible amount of damage that leaves the victims with serious injuries.

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