Accident scene investigation aids in complex truck-car crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents

Trucking companies employ attorneys who instantly respond to the need for investigation following a truck-car collision.

Attorneys for the injured victims of the smaller vehicle may engage the services of professional accident reconstructionists to perform a prompt scene investigation.

About scene investigation

Traffic accident reconstructionists along with forensic engineers begin the investigation of a crash site as soon as possible after a truck-car collision. They look for information that will help establish how the accident happened and who was responsible for causing the crash. Their work is vital to an injured victim’s case since law enforcement officers rarely have the time to investigate thoroughly.

Types of evidence

A truck-car collision leaves many kinds of evidence behind:

  • Skid and yaw marks
  • Tire tracks
  • Gouges in dirt or pavement
  • Engine oil, transmission fluid, blood and other fluid stains
  • Broken glass from vehicle windows and windshields

Prompt scene investigation is essential since weather conditions and passing traffic can quickly cause evidence to disappear. The accident reconstructionists will use surveying equipment to take measurements at the crash site. They will use the measurements to prepare a diagram showing the location of roadway evidence.

Complex cases

A truck-car crash case usually requires considerable time to complete due to its complexity. Fault in such cases may exist among multiple parties. The driver, the trucking company, the company in charge of truck maintenance and even the person responsible for loading the cargo may all share liability. As a result, they may also share in the compensation to cover an injured victim’s medical expenses, lost wages and more.