What factors impact truck rollover crashes?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Truck Accidents

No matter where you are trying to go or what kind of vehicle you are in, a truck that loses its balance on the road and rolls over can leave you with serious spinal or facial injuries.

Understanding more about the ways that the weight of a truck can make it crash into you, especially after collisions involving the front of the vehicle, can help.

Poor road maintenance

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, items and objects scattered in the middle of the road can make a truck driver who is not paying attention to swerve in front of other vehicles. If a road has potholes and cracks in it, then a reckless driver could lose their grip on the wheel and stop suddenly.

This kind of braking can make it easy for a large, top-heavy truck to turn over as it falls.

Lack of attention and caution

Truckers who frequently travel on the same route may assume that they do not need to pay close attention while driving. Any small mistake can create a huge problem if their truck wheels lose their grip and slide. When the driver tries to stop this issue, they could overcorrect with the amount they turn and cause the truck to tip over and crash into cars around them.

Intense speeding

When trucks gather speed, it is harder for them to come to a stop and avoid obstacles such as stopped cars or cars that are changing lanes. Sudden increases in speed can put everyone around them at risk.

No matter what issues happen around trucks, dealing with an injury after a person’s negligence while driving can feel overwhelming.