How can I spot a bad faith insurer?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Insurance Bad Faith

Kentucky residents expect their insurers to diligently and accurately investigate a claim. Most insurance companies act in good faith and fulfill their lawful obligations. Of course, an insurer will deny a claim that is fraudulent or does not meet the policy’s requirements. Some insurers, though, will do whatever they can to deny a payout, even if it is legitimate.

These bad faith insurers want you to accept your denied claim and move on without question. But you have a right to receive the compensation you deserve. The legal team at Carroll & Turner PSC helps many clients resolve bad faith claims and hold insurance companies accountable.

There are several ways to spot a bad faith claim. Insurers try these tactics, hoping you will not notice. Once you know what to look for, though, it can quickly reveal what is going on.

Settling for less

An insurance company is, first and foremost, a business designed to turn a profit. It is in the insurer’s best financial interest to pay you as little as possible. A bad faith insurer will try to settle for less.

Slow turnaround

Taking too long to investigate or pay you could be a sign of bad faith behavior. If you have provided all the requested information, but your insurer is not responding promptly, you may have a problem.

Too much paperwork

Your insurer may request unnecessary documents or an unusual amount of evidence to support a claim. Bad faith insurers will try to use this as a delaying tactic to avoid paying you.

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