Should I Get A Second Opinion On My Insurance Claim?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Insurance Bad Faith

Your insurance policy should keep you from digging into your wallet to pay for damage to your boat, car or house if an accident or storm damage should occur. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes lowball the repair estimates.

In the event you disagree with the verdict of your insurer, you may seek out a second opinion.

Reasons to get a second opinion

In addition to proving the validity of your claim, asking for a second opinion can be necessary if the insurance adjuster is not familiar with the kind of damage your property has sustained. It is possible an adjuster will miss damage that a specialist could have otherwise detected.

Nerdwallet explains that having an adjuster meet with an independent professional who has looked at your property might help the adjuster understand your position. This could be enough for your insurance company to approve the proper compensation.

People who can present a second opinion

Property damage can take many forms, so a variety of professionals can offer a second opinion. Independent contractors may examine structural damage to a home. In cases of multiple forms of damage, you might need the help of different specialists such as mold inspectors or smoke damage consultants.

Many people who dispute a claim get the help of a public insurance adjuster. Unlike an insurance adjuster, a public adjuster works on your behalf to determine if your damage estimate is correct and work with the insurer to come to a resolution.

Your specific situation will determine who can best provide you with a second opinion. Ideally, your insurer will accept a second assessment of your property and honor your claim. If not, appeals and possibly litigation might be options to secure coverage.