Defective Earbuds: How Harmful Can They Be?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2023 | Dangerous and Defective Products

Almost everyone you know probably owns a pair of wireless earbuds. In addition to producing high-quality audio and boasting features like noise cancellation, wireless earbuds are portable and hassle-free. However, everyday gadgets, such as earbuds, could be hazardous to your health if they have defects in their design.

Earbuds and ear infections

A lawsuit in 2021 alleges that a particular pair of wireless earbuds from a known electronics maker led to “scabbing, flaking, and oozing” in consumers’ ears. It started after the complainant discovered the material in her new earbuds made her ears itchy and sore. After contacting the company, she was advised to try different foam tips, which did not help.

According to the defective earbuds lawsuit, the company knew there were problems as early as January. However, the company did not recall the product or warn its consumers. As a result, consumers could still buy the defective earbuds months later. A few experienced an allergic reaction and had to seek medical care at their own expense.

Sometimes an ear infection is a result of using dirty earbuds. However, while consumers expect to receive safe and working products, a company may unknowingly release something defective occasionally.

Filing a product liability claim

It is the responsibility of manufacturers and sellers to ensure that the products they offer are tested and safe. Consumer safety is put at risk when there are flaws in a product owing to a design flaw, manufacturing error, or failure to notify customers about its hazards.

Users who experience harm or illness due to a product defect may consider holding the manufacturer or seller responsible. However, people need to be responsible buyers as well. Always read the instructions carefully before using anything you purchase; if you find a flaw, try to return the item if you can.