Can back injuries keep you out of work?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Personal Injury

Suffering from a back injury at work is both common, and potentially devastating for those who experience it.

In some cases, back injuries have a quick recovery and bounce-back time. In others, a single back injury has the potential to ruin a person’s career.

The first hurdle

Mayo Clinic discusses back injuries and their potential impact on a worker’s ability to maintain their livelihood.

First, a worker should not technically return to their job until their back injury has reached a certain stage of healing. If a worker engages in physical activity before that point, they risk worsening the back injury or the pain associated with it.

Unfortunately, many workers do not have the ability to take all that time off from their work. Many barely even get a week of compensated time without specifically seeking compensation for an on-the-job injury.

Being unable to work

Some workers end up in a position where they cannot even consider returning to their previous job, though. The injury may render them incapable of doing certain physical tasks or actions that are crucial to their position, which can put them on a hiatus or even potentially cost them their job.

Considering how expensive it is to treat any injury, victims then find themselves in a tough position. They are losing money through medical costs, and not gaining any new income due to a job hiatus or loss.

This is why many workers who suffer from back injuries will seek compensation for the damages they face. The compensation can help them stay afloat while they decide what to do next.