Which factors affect an increase in trucking accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Those who choose to enter the trucking profession may have concerns about its dangers and for good reason. While it is not the most dangerous job one can perform overall, it is certainly risky, and the Insurance Journal reports that 28 drivers out of 100,000 died behind the wheel in 2018.

This trend continues today as the need for truckers increases, and there are several other trending factors that could explain the continued loss of life for both truckers and the motorists who share the roadways with them.

Driver age

Age seems to account for some of the trucking accidents on the road, as the rate for older drivers climbs as the mileage driven rises. Currently, there is no mandatory retirement age for truckers, and they can remain behind the wheel so long as they retain their commercial driver’s license. However, when age combines with fatigue, this can lead to serious delays in response time and lead to a greater number of fatal accidents.


Both freelance truckers and those who work full time for an individual company must fulfill certain delivery quotas, and this may urge them to exceed the speed limit. This is a definite concern whether they travel on highways or suburban roadways because of the sheer size of semis and their inability to brake quickly. Sudden congestion, an obstacle in the road or the need to avoid another vehicle could all cause a serious crash when a trucker cannot stop the truck in time to avoid such a collision.

Stricter trucking and commercial licensing laws may lead to a decrease in accidents in the future. Currently, most trucking laws remain the same.