How can I stay safe as a motorcycle passenger?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Car Accidents

Motorcycling is a very enjoyable activity when riding “two-up,” which means to ride with a passenger. However, if this is your first time as a passenger on a motorcycle, it is vital to understand what precautions you should take in order to ensure your safety.

Motorcycle riding can be dangerous, but taking precautions ensures that the risk is as low as possible. According to Motorcycle Cruiser, as a passenger, you should ask certain questions of the motorcycle driver before riding with him or her, and you should ensure you wear proper protection.

Questions to ask your driver

Of course, first, ensure that you trust your motorcycle pilot. A good question to ask is how long the driver has been riding the specific motorcycle that you will be with him or her on. Generally speaking, it is wise for the motorcycle pilot to have at least three months of experience on that particular bike before taking on a passenger.

It is also good to ask where and how the pilot learned to ride. If he or she is a newer rider, ask if they have taken a state or Motorcycle Safety Foundation course.

Gearing up properly

Wearing a helmet as the passenger on a motorcycle is absolutely essential, even if state laws do not prohibit riding without a helmet. Ensure that the helmet you wear is DOT-approved and fits your head snuggly.

In addition, motorcycle passengers should be wearing long pants made out of durable material, like jeans. You should also wear protective Footwear like boots. Finally, a motorcycle jacket made from heavy leather or durable textiles completes a safe motorcycle passenger’s fashion statement.