What happens during hip surgery?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Personal Injury

If you suffered a broken hip from a slip and fall, you probably found out that there are limited treatment options. Most broken hips require surgical intervention. Slip and falls are one of the most common causes of hip breaks and surgery follows quickly after.

According to WebMD, patients should undergo hip surgery as soon as possible. However, some doctors will want to ensure that you can go through the surgery.

Types of hip surgery

Your hip’s initial break determines the type of surgery that you require. You may need an internal repair, where the surgeon inserts screws into the bone. This allows the fracture to heal. If necessary, the surgeon can also use a metal plate to secure the screws.

A total hip replacement, on the other hand, involves replacing the upper thighbone and socket with a prosthesis. Partial hip replacements only replace the top of the bone.

Recovery from hip surgery

What happens after surgery depends on the severity of the break and the invasiveness of the surgery. You may return home right away or you may have to go straight to a rehabilitation facility. A physical therapist may have to help you move afterward. You will need help until you can walk on your own. For some patients, this can take three months.

If you need pain medication, your doctor will prescribe a short-term pain relief medication. You may also need medicine to decrease the chances of blood clots. You can also wear compression socks for improved blood flow.

Generally, treatment for a broken hip includes surgery, rehabilitation and pain management.