Taking a look at slip-and-fall accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Personal Injury

Whether you recently fell down on the sidewalk or you slipped in a retail store, you need to carefully think about your recovery if you sustained an injury due to the incident. Moreover, it is important for everyone to understand some of the risk factors that cause slip-and-fall accidents in order to avoid these injuries.

Sadly, many people sustain serious injuries due to falling down on slick surfaces and these injuries often cause financial complications on top of painful injuries.

Risk factors associated with slip-and-fall accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published helpful information regarding slip-and-fall accidents on their site. The CDC states that in retail stores across the country, these accidents account for many injuries. Sometimes, victims suffer an injury after slipping on a slick surface due to ice or spills. Loose rugs, insufficient lighting, nails protruding from the floor, clutter and loose flooring also result in these accidents.

Other risks that result in falls require careful consideration. For example, many workers sustain injuries and even lose their lives after falling down while using a ladder.

The consequences of slip-and-fall accidents

Sometimes, people suffer minor injuries after falling down, such as scratches and bruises. In other instances, victims suffer serious injuries, such as broken bones or brain damage due to hitting their head. In addition to pain and immobility, some people face mental trauma and financial difficulties brought on by medical costs and the inability to work. If a slip-and-fall accident left you with any of these challenges, try to stay positive and remain focused on moving forward.