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How do TBIs interfere with your ability to work?

| Jan 25, 2021 | Car Accidents |

After a crash, you may deal with persistent injuries and issues. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) often present as one of these long-lasting or recurring problems. TBIs impact many areas of your health and life. In fact, they can even make it hard for you to keep your job.

Just what about TBIs make it hard on workers like you? And what can you do if you believe your ability to work is in jeopardy?

Changes to temperament

Mayo Clinic looks into the impact of brain injuries on your life. First, they can affect your temperament. This is a big issue in a setting where you interact with others on a daily basis. Some victims suffer from uncontrolled anger that has them lashing out at coworkers. Others may experience a lowered tolerance for irritants and stressors. This can lead to emotional breakdowns in the middle of a shift. Needless to say, this poses a big issue. If you risk snapping at customers or breaking down when trying to help coworkers, it makes you something of a liability.

Struggles with memory

Next, they may impact your ability to remember things. TBIs often result in memory impairment or damage. Most jobs involve the reliance on memory to some degree. After all, you need to remember deadlines, dates, client information and more. If you begin forgetting important information, it can throw the entire chain of operations out of sorts.

Unfortunately, you also likely face high medical bills due to the crash. This is a terrible time to feel insecure about your source of income. This is why many TBI sufferers seek financial compensation for the crash. It allows you to cover medical costs without worrying about potential job loss.