The life-altering impact for victims of a DUI accident

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Car Accidents

Little else is as tragic as innocent people receiving life-altering injuries because of a DUI accident in Kentucky. The emotional toll does not stop with the victim but permeates everyone who loves or associates with him or her as well.

Because drunk driving is a prevalent problem all over the United States, people must take responsibility for their actions to reduce the chances of injuring or killing innocent lives.

A startling problem

What is so alarming about drunk driving is that it is completely preventable. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the year 2018 alone, nearly 11,000 people suffered fatal injuries because of drunk driving accidents. In a single day in the United States, 30 people die because of a DUI crash.

Alcohol affects a person’s ability to reason, react and control. A compromised ability to perform any of those functions can create instantaneous danger. While the legal limit for BAC is .08 in many states, even minimal consumption of alcohol can cause impairment.

A lifetime of pain

Unfortunately, a momentary lapse of judgment can create a lifetime of pain for DUI victims. Crippling physical injuries, traumatic brain injuries and debilitating emotional trauma can rob victims of the ability to lives their life to their fullest. Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports that a drunk driving accident will impact 2 out of every 3 people during their lifetime.

People who have suffered injuries because of the negligence and selfishness of a drunk driver often require long-term treatment and support for their injuries. Families of victims or victims themselves may file a lawsuit to acquire compensation to help offset the emotional and financial costs of dealing with chronic pain and permanent trauma.