Challenges persist with driver assist and may spark car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Car Accidents

Drivers in Kentucky and across the United States may believe that automobile safety advancements will make the road safer and prevent injuries and fatalities. Although technology is portrayed as a major step in accident prevention, research indicates that it may not be as beneficial as hoped. Still in its infancy, these advancements have a long way to go to be fully reliable. This should be considered when there is a collision and people are hurt or have lost a loved one.

AAA study shows lack of reliability in driver-assist

According to AAA, the advanced technology automakers are implementing to help with a vehicle’s braking and steering is not yet trustworthy. In its tests, AAA discovered that there is disengagement or a disruption at approximately eight mile intervals. The vehicle then faces situations that its technology cannot adapt to. Drivers who are placing their trust in these systems and allow their attention to lapse are prone to risking an auto accident. The testing was conducted repeatedly and came to the same conclusions.

With manufacturers emphasizing technology to make the roads safer, this is a challenge that must be considered when drivers head out on the road. Manufacturers are focusing on certain scenarios such as highway driving and the vehicle’s cruise control, as well as stop-and-go. There has been shown to be safety improvement with emergency braking and pedestrian identification, but these are still relatively new and need to be adjusted to become optimal. A common challenge in real-life situations is lane assist as nearly three-quarters of system disengagements happened in these circumstances.

Experienced advice may help after car accidents

When there is an auto accident, there are many factors that might have been involved. In the past, drivers who behaved recklessly, were under the influence, drove while drowsy or were negligent were frequent catalysts of a crash. Recently, distraction has come to the forefront. Today, technological advancements are touted as strategies to make the roads safer, but research is ongoing as to its effectiveness.

Injuries can result in massive medical costs, the inability to work and a dramatic change to a person’s life. Fatalities exacerbate these challenges. A legal filing may be necessary to recover compensation. Evidence as to its cause such as showing advanced technology played a role may be critical to a claim. Consulting with experienced professionals in investigating car accidents and pursuing a claim may be essential.