Different types of defective product claims

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Dangerous and Defective Products

People in Kentucky rely on many different types of products each day. Some are simple and do not have any mechanical aspects, but others can be very complex. People may not know how these products truly work beyond knowing how to operate them, but they still expect that the product will work as it is designed to work. When products do not work appropriately it can be very frustrating and make life more difficult.

However, in addition to making life more difficult or inconvenient, defective products can also be dangerous. It they break or malfunction, they can cause serious injuries. These injuries can require significant medical treatment, prohibit them from doing many daily activities for long periods of time and force people to miss time at work. All of these consequences can result in these injuries being very costly as well. People may be able to receive compensation for these injuries, but it is important to know the cause of the defect.

There are three main types of defective product claims. One is a design defect. These defects result when, for example, the design itself results in unnecessary wear and tear on a certain part, which breaks much sooner than it should. Another type of defect is a manufacturing defect, which occur when the product was not assembled correctly. The third type of defect is a warning defect. These types of defects result when there are inherent dangers that could result from normal use of the product, but people are not adequately warned of the danger.

Unfortunately, many people in Kentucky are injured by defective products each year. These injuries can be very costly for the victims both physically and financially. The victims may be entitled to compensation though, but it is important to know the type of defect because that dictates who needs to be held responsible for the injury. Often times the designer of the product does not manufacture it, so they may not be liable for a manufacturing defect. These can be complex cases and consulting with an experienced attorney may help ensure one receives what they deserve.