Is it illegal to drink and boat in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Boat Accidents

Many Kentucky residents enjoy heading to area lakes and spending a day out on the boat while fishing, swimming, water skiing, etc. The lakes are a great way for people to spend time together and enjoy the weather and natural resources of our beautiful state. Most of the time boating and water activities are done safely but occasionally a boating accident occurs that can cause serious injuries.

Although many think that while they are boating they can also drink alcoholic beverages this is not true in Kentucky. In Kentucky it is illegal to drink alcohol in a public place outside of a licensed business. That means that if a person is on a Kentucky lake they cannot be drinking. The law also applies to tubers, jet-skiers, water-skiers, etc. If a person is found to be drinking and boating or is found to be intoxicated while boating they can be arrested.

Alcohol laws are in place to protect everyone in Kentucky. When a person is boating under the influence they can cause a dangerous environment for everyone. A boat accident can be serious because those in a boat do not wear seatbelts and rarely have their lifejacket on and secured. Drownings, cuts, broken bones, and head trauma are all common in a boating accident.

If a person has been injured in a boating accident due to no fault of their own they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in personal injury. An attorney can review the circumstances surrounding the accident and help determine what happened. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

Kentucky residents should understand the laws regarding alcohol and boating in Kentucky. It is important to follow these laws so that everyone remains safe. If a person is injured in a boating accident they may have legal rights.