Can I file a lawsuit after slipping on an icy sidewalk?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | Personal Injury

Tripping, slipping and falling on a sidewalk covered in ice, debris or other hazards may require a legal action to fully recover from the cost of your injuries. The location of the sidewalk generally determines the party you may sue. If your accident occurred on a public sidewalk, roadway or parking lot, you may file your claim with the municipal government. 

Icy sidewalks generally pose a much more dangerous hazard than snow on the ground. Hip fractures, broken ankles and major back injuries have all occurred on Kentucky’s public sidewalks, as reported by WKYT News. 

When sidewalks present a potential threat to the public, city officials owe a duty of care to either warn pedestrians of any dangers or fix the problem. Visible signs or bright yellow caution tape may provide ample warning for pedestrians to avoid certain areas. Cracks, gaps and crumbling infrastructure show that a city is negligent in its maintenance of public areas. 

Private residences 

Private homeowners owe a duty of care to clear any ice, snow or other debris on the sidewalks in front of their houses. If you slip and fall because a homeowner failed to clear the ice on the sidewalk surrounding his or her property, you may file a lawsuit against the homeowner to help recover from your injuries. 

Legal action to recover 

To recover with your lawsuit, you may need to show proof of your injuries such as any medical expenses, rehabilitation treatment payments or physical therapy bills. When you suffer from debilitating injuries that require taking time off from work, your claim may also include economic damages such as loss of wages or income.