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Is eating while driving dangerous?

| Jan 24, 2020 | Car Accidents |

There are numerous driving distractions that can cause major accidents on the road. While texting and driving is regarded as a dangerous behavior by virtually everyone, not all drivers take the same view of eating while driving. In fact, this behavior can also be extremely dangerous and could result in an accident if motorists are not careful. This guide explains why this practice is dangerous and what you can do to avoid it. 

Types of distracted driving 

Driving requires a combination of skills. Driving while distracted draws attention away from the road, which in turn prevents you from reacting to unexpected occurrences. A visual distraction involves taking your eyes off the road. This can be dangerous, even if you only take your eyes away from the road briefly. A manual distraction involves taking your hands off the wheel. It is recommended that drivers keep both hands on the wheel at all times to assert the greatest level of control. 

Finally, there are also cognitive distractions. A cognitive distraction would be taking your mind off the task of driving. Cognitive distractions are not always completely clear. Even daydreaming while driving is considered a cognitive distraction since you are not fully paying attention to the task at hand. 

Why eating while driving is dangerous 

Driving distractions are dangerous on their own, but they are especially hazardous when they are combined. This is why texting and driving is considered so dangerous. Drivers may engage in all three distractions at once when texting, which greatly diminishes their ability. 

Eating while driving involves similar risks. When eating behind the wheel, it is often necessary to take both your eyes and hands off the road. Your mind will also be occupied; imagine you spill food or drink in your vehicle and are concerned with cleaning it up. If you commonly eat while driving in the morning, make time for breakfast before you leave the house. Also, if you are going on a long drive and are hungry, stop to eat instead of picking up fast food and taking it away in your vehicle.