What makes boat speeding dangerous?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | Boat Accidents, Personal Injury

Fast speeding across the water may feel like a thrilling experience, but it is also dangerous and could result in serious property damage, injury, or death. When you go too fast, you risk losing the ability to stop your boat in time. Kentucky boaters also run other risks when they speed their boats, some of which many people might not realize. 

According to Boating Safety, speedy boats are less able to turn to avoid land obstacles. Some obstacles lay under the water and are only noticeable to a slow traveling vessel. Fast boats can catch on submerged rocks and come to an abrupt halt. The impact could injure the boater and passengers, and even if the injuries are not serious, the boat could suffer damage as well. 

Speeding boats and alcohol can be a dangerous combination. Inebriation causes a person to take unnecessary risks, and drunken boaters are no exception. Alcohol also slows down reflexes and makes it harder to react to obstacles in time. In some cases, an intoxicated boater may speed off the water and crash on shore. Such an impact can inflict serious injury or even death. 

Speeding at night presents additional problems. With less visibility at night, you might have problems locating land obstacles that were readily apparent in the day hours. There are also other boats to consider. You might encounter a vessel that is properly lit and thus easily visible. On the other hand, a boat that has broken down could be completely dark, and you could hit it without warning. 

The aftermath of a boat speeding accident may present other problems. An impact with a bar or shoreline can crack a boat or damage machinery. If not repaired, a boat could sink or stall if taken out into the water again. Traveling at a safe speed is a better course of action and could save lives and property. 

This article is written to educate readers on the topic of boating accidents. Do not interpret it as legal advice for your situation.