Are you staying safe on your e-scooter?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | Car Accidents

Electric scooters, more commonly referred to as “e-scooters,” have made their way to Kentucky. You may rent one to get around town, avoid traffic and not have to drive as much. That said, you have to be sure you stay safe while zipping around.

CNET offers a breakdown of safety tips for scooter riders. Keep them in mind before you set foot on another scooter, as the right info could potentially save your life.

Wear a helmet

You may feel silly wearing a helmet, but taking a spill from a scooter can result in serious head injuries, ones you can avoid with proper head protection. Feeling uncool for a few minutes is better than suffering long-term brain damage.

Ride alone

To save even more money, or maybe just to enjoy a romantic moment, you may share a scooter with another person. The problem with this is the second person may seriously test the scooter’s weight limit. Also, other than your waist, the other person does not have handlebars to hold on to like you do.

Ride sober

Maybe you rent a scooter one night because you had a few too many drinks. This can be just as dangerous as getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking because you can still become a hazard for everyone else on the road. Let someone else get you safely home; call for a rideshare or a taxi.

Check the scooter

Scooters do not have “check engine” lights or anything similar that lets you know there is an issue. Perform a visual inspection and test on the scooter to see if there are issues with the brakes, wheels, speed control or battery.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.