What to do if a boat catches fire

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Boat Accidents

The season for heading out on the water cannot come soon enough for boating enthusiasts. As the weather complies, they jump onto their crafts to take advantage of the waves and sunshine.

Despite the pleasures, boating presents inherent dangers. Fires are always a possibility. Causes include leaving food in a hot grease pan unattended and cigarette smoking. Faulty mechanics, such as fuel leaks and electrical snafus, can also be reasons. Escaping a flaming craft without harm requires strict adherence to safety protocols.

Fighting large fires

Everyone must abandon a burning ship when the flames are great. Before leaping in, someone should radio for help. Life jackets are mandatory, as it may be a while before the fire department arrives. Make sure you have enough for all passengers ahead of leaving the dock.

Fighting small fires

Fire extinguishers can save the day when blazes are minor enough to control. Approach combustible fires started from paper or wood with a dry chemical extinguisher. Gas fires, such as those involving gasoline, demand a CO2-based fire extinguisher.

Water is inappropriate for putting out a boat fire, as it can spread a blaze. Otherwise, one may smother an inferno with a blanket or an article of clothing.

Dealing with the aftermath

Once on land, craft inspection is imperative before returning to the swells. There may be damage not visible to untrained eyes. It is best to have a qualified marine surveyor handle this responsibility.

Every boater must make safety a priority, especially when it comes to the threat of sudden flames. Knowing what actions to take in the event of fire shows responsibility and saves lives.