What are some signs of road rage?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Car Accidents

While on the road, you may notice a driver near you that is displaying certain signs of aggression.

Road rage is a common experience to deal with, but knowing the signs of an angry and impulsive person can help you avoid getting into a crash.

Disobeying traffic signals

According to the Mayo Clinic, many people who deal with road rage make erratic turns and stops. Once angered, they may drive through red lights or stop signs in order to follow another driver. They also may fail to yield for oncoming traffic, which can cause pileups or accidents.

If you notice someone tailgating you too closely, attempt to pull off the road. A person speeding over a crosswalk or sidewalk can endanger pedestrians as well as other drivers.

Showing disproportional anger

Disrespectful gestures and yelling from inside a vehicle are common signs that someone is trying to intimidate you. While on the road, you may encounter a driver who overreacts to minor inconveniences and attempts to retaliate against you by attempting to run you off the road.

An action such as loudly and repeatedly honking a horn is a sure sign of aggression if it continues beyond what is necessary. Feeding into or responding to the other driver’s anger will only prolong the issue.


Driving far above the speed limit increases the chances of a car accident. When a driver tries to speed up and overtake another vehicle in a risky situation, especially on a crowded highway or road where it is illegal to pass another car, it is likely he or she is attempting to engage aggressively with you. Not responding to the other motorist can help you avoid a crash.