Make your post-accident plan now

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Car Accidents

Ask most people if they know what to do after a car accident and the answer is likely to be “Yes”. However, those same people may well forget some important steps in the moment due to the upset feeling or disorientation that often results from an accident.

For this reason, people might want to write down the steps they should take and store them in a safe place in their vehicles for reference if and when the need arises.

Start by tending to injuries

NerdWallet recommends that calling for medical help if any real or suspected injury occurs. The health of any person potentially involved in the crash scenario should always remain the top priority.

Calling for police help

No matter the extent of an accident, WalletHub indicates that people call for police help at the scene of the crash. This allows a police report filing that may help an investigation. Some situations require a police report even.

Collect necessary information

Instead of simply writing down a person’s name and phone number as recited, people should take photos of other drivers’ licenses and insurance cards. Photos of vehicle license plates, street signs, street conditions and even of people themselves may also help provide useful documentation.

People should also ensure they collect the name and contact details for any person who witnessed the crash.

Answer questions carefully

A person should avoid indicating the total lack of any injury as some injuries do not present immediately. Caution around questions related to injuries may help a person seek compensation or treatment when an injury does later surface.