Truck accidents: Who is to blame?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Truck Accidents

One of the central concerns in your truck accident case would be discovering whose negligence or willful malice contributed to your injuries. In short, you need to discover whose fault it is.

You would probably tackle this complex issue by investigating who caused your injuries — or who made them worse. Here are some of the people and businesses of interest in a typical commercial vehicle crash.


There is a chance that you may have caused or worsened your injuries to some degree. The defense will try to make you look as responsible as possible. Your job is to pursue a fair, factual analysis of your amount of fault — if it even exists in the first place.

The other driver

The truck driver is likely to share some blame. There could have been speeding, substance abuse or any number of other factors. Police reports, witness testimony and company records could all support your arguments.

The trucking company

Commercial vehicle accident cases often involve the trucking company that employs the driver. You would want to search the company’s records for evidence of high-pressure scheduling, histories of violations and so on.

Maintenance workers

Commercial truck repair companies — or shops that worked on your vehicle — sometimes cut corners to save cost. These unscrupulous practices put people at risk, and you might be a victim of that.

Equipment manufacturers

Catastrophic injuries are becoming less frequent as automotive safety technology improves. The law is one of the driving forces behind this change. We, as personal injury attorneys, help hold huge auto companies accountable if they fail to produce safe vehicles.

These are some of the most common parties to commercial vehicle accident cases, but there could be others. You would need to perform a detailed analysis of the facts before you started identifying who caused your injury.