What driving behaviors are most dangerous to motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Car Accidents

Many drivers use the roads in Kentucky every day. From truckers to motorcyclists, everyone wants to stay as safe as possible. Motorcyclists tend to be the most at-risk group of people on the road. Is there anything other drivers can do to make things safer for them?

Fortunately, there are. The average driver can avoid the dangerous driving behaviors that threaten motorcyclists. For example, making turns without checking for motorcycles is one of the top causes for a crash. Left turns and going through intersections are particularly risky. So how can you cut down on the risk? By checking both sides multiple times before crossing. This also extends to merging into traffic or changing lanes. Be sure to check your blind spots every time.

Limiting distractions within the vehicle is another good tip. This is not only beneficial to motorcyclists, but to all drivers on the road. Drivers sometimes do not hear motorcycles because they have their music up too loud. Other passengers may distract them with conversation. This leaves them with only their sense of sight to detect motorcycles. Because of how small motorcycles are when compared to covered vehicles, sight alone is not always enough. Employ the use of as many senses as possible to catch danger before it strikes.

Are you curious about motorcycle safety? Do you want to know more about how other drivers can make the roads a safer place for motorcyclists? If so, you can take a look at our web page on car crashes, linked here. From there, you can start your search.