Ky. authorities investigate collision between truck and bus

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Truck Accidents

On a recent Thursday afternoon, a Greyhound bus reportedly collided with a tractor-trailer, sending 17 people to the hospital with injuries. The accident occurred in the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, at approximately mile marker 71. The bus was en route from Atlanta to Cincinnati at the time and had left London, Kentucky approximately 45 minutes before the crash. A spokesperson from Greyhound affirms the company’s cooperation with local law enforcement in investigating the collision.

A passenger on the bus describes glass breaking and the occupants flying forward after some swerving motion. This corresponds with the results of an investigation by law enforcement that concludes that the bus hit the truck when veering into one of the other lanes from the center.

It is standard to investigate the phone records of a driver in an accident such as this. Authorities confirm that they intend to take this step, not only to follow the standard procedure but to investigate allegations that the collision occurred while the bus driver was on the phone.

The condition of the 27-year-old Kentucky truck driver is unknown at this time. It is unclear whether the truck driver was among the 17 people that EMS personnel transported to local hospitals for injuries sustained in the crash.

As of yet, there have been no reports of any fatalities connected to the crash, but details as to the nature and severity of the injuries is not available. Those injured in a collision with a truck or other large commercial vehicle may wish to contact an attorney.