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Kentucky's highest court opens door for malpractice lawsuits

In 2017, the legislature of Kentucky approved The Medical Review Panel Act. This required every potential medical malpractice case to be passed through a review panel before it could be heard in court. Three physicians would vote whether the case really involved substandard care. While not binding, their opinions — which could be used in court — could have a chilling effect on any case.

How patients can help avoid becoming victims of medication errors

Some of the most serious medical errors suffered by patients involve prescription medications. These errors include being given the wrong medication, either in a facility or when filling a prescription. Sometimes, patients are given the wrong dosage, perhaps by a nurse or other hospital or nursing home staffer who misreads the instructions. In other cases, patients are given a medication to which they're allergic or that interacts negatively with something else they're taking.

Can you take legal action for an injury suffered at the beach?

People often assume that when they are injured at the beach, they have no one to blame but themselves -- or at least that there's no one they can hold legally responsible if their injuries require medical treatment or they incur other financial losses as a result. That's not always the case.

Carroll & Turner wins multimillion-dollar verdict in defamation case

In 2013, seven employees of a Louisville cable company, Charter Communications, were fired for violating company policy. It was unfair and based on a misunderstanding. Shortly afterward at a Charter employee conference, however, a company speaker implied that the fired workers were thieves. Also, the company failed to respond to an anonymous internal ethics complaint about the presentation at the conference. 

Helping Kentuckians seek compensation after boating accidents

Kentucky has some of the most beautiful lakes in the country, so many Kentuckians take to the water on warm, sunny days to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. People often believe that boating on a lake is considerably safer than in the ocean. However, crashes and other incidents can occur in any body of water where you've got water vessels.

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