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October 2018 Archives

Are there prescription drugs in your daily supplements?

Over half of all adults in this country take one or more supplements daily. Despite mixed data on whether they improve our health or do what they claim to do, we still count on them to get the vitamins and minerals we may not get in our diet and to make us feel stronger, healthier and younger. In fact, 10 percent of Americans report that they take four or more dietary supplements every day.

Modern safety features can make driving safer for older people

As the American population ages, so do the number of senior and elderly drivers on the road. As people get older, they may feel as young as ever in some ways. However, their mental and physical capabilities diminish. Their senses aren't as good as they once were. Reaction time increases. Diminished mobility may make it harder to switch from the accelerator to the brake as quickly as necessary.

Have you unknowingly bought a flood-damaged car?

Heavy rains and flooding are part of living in the Southeast and many other parts of the country. Every year throughout the U.S., thousands of vehicles suffer flood damage. Cars that are destroyed may be relinquished to junkyards or turned into scrap metal. However, those that are still operable after some repair work may be resold -- too often to unsuspecting consumers.

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