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June 2018 Archives

Study: People are turning off warning systems in their cars

Many newer model vehicles are equipped with all sorts of technology that helps drivers avoid crashes. Some advanced systems are able to take control of the vehicle to stop it or get it back on track to avoid a crash. Others give drivers warnings of potentially dangerous situations, and they have to act on those warnings themselves.

What constitutes 'bad faith' by an insurer?

Most of us pay a substantial amount of money every month for multiple types of insurance to help protect us financially in the event of everything from a health crisis to a car crash to a burst pipe in our home. We expect that in return for paying the designated premiums every month, insurance companies will live up to the terms of our contract with them when we need to file a claim.

Congress considers bill that would allow more young truck drivers

There currently aren't enough truck drivers in this country to transport the goods we rely on every day. Late deliveries aren't just inconvenient for consumers. They can be costly for trucking companies and retailers. For example, Walmart fines companies for shipments that are late or incomplete. According to the Food Marketing Institute, grocery stores lose some $75 billion every year because of unsaleable and out-of-stock products that aren't delivered on time.

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